Garage Clean Up

You had such good intentions with your garage when you first moved into your home. Not only would it remain clean and organized, you would always know where to find exactly what you need. Unfortunately, your garage has become a dumping grounds over the years instead. Old bikes, computers, furniture, and other things that no one in your family uses anymore seem to have taken up permanent residence in the garage. Perhaps it has gotten so bad that you don’t feel confident you could find anything, even in an emergency.

No matter how bad your garage seems to you, we can guarantee you that we have seen worse at EZ Junk Hauling. Based in Oakland, we are available to haul away unwanted items in your garage to allow you to have complete control of it again. It won’t be long until you can comfortably fit a car or two in the garage as well as organize tools and other items that legitimately belong there.

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There’s More to a Garage Cleanout Than You Might Think

While the biggest part of any garage cleanout is getting rid of unwanted items, you can depend on the crew from EZ Junk Hauling to do much more than that. After loading your unwanted items into one of our large trucks, we will sweep your garage and relocate any items that you would like in a different place. We will even pick up unwanted clutter and trash and throw it away or recycle it for your if possible.

messy garage in need of clean up

Since people store nearly anything in their garages, we are willing to accept most items except for those containing hazardous waste. The best way to set up an appointment is to contact EZ Junk Hauling for an estimate. We will then arrive at your home to inspect your garage in person. We provide a free estimate once you let us know exactly what you want removed and what else you need us to do.

We Keep Your Unwanted Garage Items Out of Landfills Whenever Possible

EZ Junk Hauling is pleased to work with several charitable organizations in the Bay Area to find a new purpose for your unwanted items. As long as anything is still in good condition, we first try to see if a charitable organization can find another person who could use it. If that doesn’t work out, we contract with several local recycling centers to breakdown the items into parts that manufacturers can use again to create something new.

Tips for Organizing What’s Left in Your Garage

Don’t feel discouraged if you hire us to pick up several items from your garage and it still looks disorganized to you. A simple peg board may be all you need to place smaller items such as tools into groupings that make sense for you. You might also wish to go through the garage to see if you can find anything to donate to Goodwill or a similar organization on your own. With enough unwanted items, you could even consider holding a garage sale.

Ready to Transform Your Garage?

EZ Junk Hauling looks forward to working with you to transform your garage. Please contact our Oakland office today to schedule an appointment or request a free estimate.