8 Great Ways to Transform a Cleared-Out Garage

Is your garage simply a glorified storage place? Boxes, abandoned tools, trinkets, and assorted household items that are old or haven’t found a permanent home are simply stacked on shelves or tucked away in dark corners to gather dust. However, here are eight ideas on turning a cleared-out garage into an asset for your home.

1. Man Cave

Transforming a garage into a man cave is easy. You just need comfortable seating and an entertainment system to watch your favorite sport. You can add extras like a poker table, fridge, and a mini bar, and even install a bathroom. A big plus – rowdy game nights are out of the house.

2. Game Room

More family friendly than a man cave or you could combine the two ideas. It’s a lot of fun to have a family game night in your garage. Got teenagers? You can let them do whatever teens do with their friends without constantly telling them to keep it down.

3. Home Theater

Mount a large projector or TV on one wall and install a great sound system. A soft rug and some plush chairs will mean you won’t miss the worn seating in your local movie theater. You might consider adding soundproofing or insulation to your walls.


4. Home Gym

A garage gives you plenty of space for that home gym you’ve always dreamed about. You may need to restructure the walls and floor to support equipment. Add in rubber gym mats and a cupboard for supplies and towels. A section of the space could be used as a yoga studio or for a ballet barre.

5. Home Office

If you work from home, a converted garage can provide you with some separation from your work and home life. Desks, tables, a partition to provide a conference room – it will all depend on the type of work that you do. Did you know that Google, one of the world’s largest companies, had it’s humble origins in a Silicon Valley garage?

6. Craft Room

If you love to craft or paint, a craft room or artist’s studio will allow you to create undisturbed. You won’t need to worry about how much space you’re taking up or how big a mess you’re making. The craft room could also be a sewing space for a small group – think a quilting circle.

7. Playroom

Give your kids their own play space. Build in some bookshelves and storage cubbies for games and toys. Or, if you have a child with musical talent, set the area up for a promising garage band.


8. Guest Room

Two car garages provide a great space for a guest suite. Be sure to insulate it and add heating and air conditioning.

Get Cracking

A disorganized storage room is a total waste of valuable real estate – and most of us park our cars in the driveway anyway. You will need to negotiate with family members on the best use for the new space.

Before you get started, check with your municipality on zoning laws and any required permits. And, make sure you won’t be annoying your neighbors. Converting a garage into a space that you’ll use is a lot of work, but well worth it.