Creative Ways to Reuse or Upcycle Old Furniture

upcycled old furniture

Those who reuse or upcycle old furniture help the earth stay healthy and make homes beautiful. How? Think up some fun and unexpected ways to give your old furniture a second chance at life.

By upcycling old furniture – desks, dressers, doors, and other unwanted furniture – you can both breathe new life into a room and keep unwanted items out of the landfills.

It’s easy to save the earth and simultaneously give your rooms a makeover. Just look around for an item that is ready to be repurposed, stretch your imagination, and go for it!

The following ideas may inspire you to get started:

Transform an Old Desk Into Gorgeous Bedside Tables

Over time, your beloved long wooden desk with drawers on both sides may no longer fit your needs or lifestyle. Instead of throwing it out, you can give it a brand new purpose by turning it into two bedside tables.

To make new bedroom furniture out of an old desk, all you need to do is cut the desk in half with a saw, sand the rough edges and add a coat of paint. Depending on the desk’s design, you may also need to add a few legs to help it stand properly or modify the height.

Remake an Outdated Door Into a Stunning Headboard

Although you may need to replace a worn interior door, it may still have a place in your home. Instead of hauling it to the dump, you can transform it into a unique headboard for your bedroom.

First, remove the hinges and knob. Depending on the door and how you want it to look ─ rustic or modern ─ you can sand the rough edges and repaint or stain it.

You can also add some crown molding to the top and sides. After the door has a look you want for your bedroom set, secure the updated headboard to the wall behind your bed.

Revamp an Unwanted Armoire into a One-Of-A-Kind Bar

Whether you inherited or purchased an armoire, you may have grown tired of it over the years. Rather than getting rid of it, create a distinctive bar.

You can paint the surfaces inside and out and add decorative tiles or shiplap for a stylish backsplash. To turn your armoire into a mixologist’s dream, you can leave the doors on or take them off to display your wares.


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Use the shelving it already has or add some of your own to display your liquor, glasses and martini shaker.

Some armoires have a large bottom cabinet for storage. In that case, you may also want to add a small refrigerator, drilling or cutting a hole somewhere in the back for the electrical cord. It will become the perfect place for your ice, olives and chilled glasses.

Recast an Antiquated Ladder into Something Special

If you have an old ladder on hand, you may want to rethink setting it out for pickup on trash day. Ladders are one of the most versatile repurposing items on the planet.

After being cleaned, painted or stained, they are ready for almost anything. If the original A-frame is no longer functional, you can take the ladder apart and use a side of it to lean against the wall.

Or, affix it to the wall or hang it from the ceiling, horizontally or vertically. Depending on the ladder and location, the rungs or steps can become perfect perches for framed photos, memorabilia, and books.

You can string them with lights in the living room, hang towels from them in the bathroom, and load them with shoes in a closet. The possibilities are endless.

Turn a Dilapidated Dresser into a Beautiful Kitchen Island

If your kitchen needs an island and you have a dresser or table for a base, you have it made, especially if it’s about 36 inches high. If the piece is a bit on the short side, don’t fret.

You can add legs or posts to add height. Or attach lockable wheels to add height and create a moveable island.

For a countertop surface, you can add a board to the top and attach tiles. For more ideas, ask the staff at your local hardware store about other kinds of do-it-yourself surfaces available to use for a repurposed kitchen island.

Make the Earth and Your Home a Better Place to Live

It’s worth your time and energy to reuse and upcycle old furniture. You can save money, beautify your home and keep trash from piling up in landfills.

Moreover, you will make the world and your homefront a better place to live for everybody.