Tips for Smart Summer Yard Maintenance

Keeping Your Yard Looking Great All Summer Long

If you have a yard, then you likely want to spend some time enjoying it this summer. Of course, if your yard is an unsightly mess, you will want to take the time to clean it up and make sure it looks great now and throughout the summer. Below are some tips that will help with your yard work.

Remove the Weeds and Thatch from the Yard

Weeds in the yard and thatch in the grass are causing more harm than you realize. Not only do they look unsightly, but the weeds are taking up valuable water and nutrients that should belong to the other plants that you have in the yard, as well as your grass. Take the time to do a proper yard clear out, and then remove them about once a week, making sure you  pull from the roots.

Thatch is an organic layer of dead and living material that develops between the surface of the soil and the green vegetation. It prevents water and fertilizer from making its way into the soil and causes damage to your grass. You should remove the thatch in the late spring or early summer using a thatch rake. Remove the thatch from your property and have it hauled away.

Choose the Right Plants

Consider the types of plants that grow best in your area, and make sure that you are populating your yard and garden with those. The plants that can grow well naturally in the San Francisco area will be much easier for you to take care of, as they won’t need any special attention. Consider where the plants will be growing when you are making your choices, as well. If there is a substantial amount of shade, for example, you will want to choose shade-tolerant plants.

Don’t Water Every Day

If you are watering your lawn and plants every day, you are going to be wasting a substantial amount of water. There is also the risk of overwatering the plants, which will kill them. It is important to understand the soil that you have in your yard, which can help you determine how often you will need to water the lawn and plants. The soil should be capable of holding the water for several days, which means the plants will continue to get the water they need.

Depending on how well the soil holds water, and how much your plants are using, you may be able to water every two or three days instead. It’s healthy for your plants and your water bill. Using an automatic irrigation system can help you control how much you are watering, and it’s easier than trying to water everything with the hose. It could be a good investment to consider.

Hire the Professionals

While you can do the basics around the yard to ensure that it looks good and that you are keeping your plants alive, you might want to bring in some landscaping professionals. After all, caring for a lawn and making sure it looks great takes a lot of time and energy. Why not hire a professional to do it for you? The landscapers can take care of the hard work and the heavy lifting, sometimes literally, to ensure that your yard looks beautiful and stays perfectly maintained throughout the summer months and the rest of the year.