How to Declutter before Moving to a New Home

de-cluttering before moving

Moving can be stressful, even when it’s voluntary and the new home is an upgrade from the old home. Most people thrive on routine and moving disrupts that until people feel settled into their new home. Taking the time to declutter before moving to a new move helps alleviate stress throughout the process later.

There is also no denying that moving is a lot of hard work. Sometimes people feel so overwhelmed that they don’t know where to start. One of the best things anyone planning a move can do is to allow themselves plenty of time to pack and take care of the remaining details.

Waiting to Declutter and Pack Creates Stress

Planning the packing and moving details several weeks in advance makes the process go much smoother than putting it off until it’s almost moving day. While it technically may be possible to pack everything in the home in less than a day, this method is highly inefficient. It forces people to just throw items into boxes without stopping to consider if they actually want to bring it to their new home.

Creating a moving schedule and going through the home one room at a time is a much better idea. Not packing in a rush and panic gives people the time to review each item carefully and donate, recycle, or throw away items they no longer need. Taking this approach also prevents movers from feeling overwhelmed by all the packing and sorting work ahead of them.

Stop Bringing New Items into the Home Until After the Move

Buying more non-essential stuff before a move means more to sort, evaluate, and pack. To avoid extra work, the only new things that should come into the home are packing supplies and necessities like groceries. However, people planning a move should not buy large amounts of food as it could spoil during transport. When it comes to boxes for packing, having too many is better than not having enough. Extras can always go in the recycling bin or someone else also planning a move.

Create a System to Declutter Before Moving

It doesn’t take long for people to accumulate a lot of stuff, including things they will probably never use again. It’s important to determine carefully evaluate which items to keep and which ones are no longer necessary.

To properly declutter before moving, consider purging anything you rarely or never use that lacks significant sentimental value.

Hire a Junk Hauler to Take It All Away

Unwanted furniture, household goods, and personal items can pile up quickly. A junk hauler can typically remove everything in one load when this happens.

Junk haulers eliminate the need to try and sell or donate things. They also help avoid blatant overstuffing of garbage and recycling bins.

Look for a reputable company who will sort through the items and recycle as much of the load as possible. Contact EZ Junk Hauling for a free quote today if you live in the East Bay region of the San Francisco Bay Area.

Taking the time to declutter before moving relieves some of the stress of the process.